Shiny apps can be embedded into two different types of places:

  • Embedded directly in a website
  • Embedded into an RMarkdown document/presentation

Embedding into websites

Regardless of where your Shiny app is deployed, embed your the app in your websites by using an iframe. Here’s the code that embeds the Shiny app you can see embedded into this website:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="400px"></iframe>
  • The iframe is told to span the 100% of the available width of the page.
  • The iframe must be given an appropriate minimum height, in this case 400px.

Embedding into RMarkdown documents

Shiny apps may be embedded into any HTML RMarkdown document, this includes; html_document, shiny_presentation, ioslides_presentation. In order to include Shiny apps you must add runtime: shiny into the YAML header:

title: "Habits"
output: html_document
runtime: shiny

Note that these “Shiny RMarkdown documents” can be deployed to or Shiny Server almost identically to how regular Shiny apps can be deployed. Further documentation on inline Shiny apps is available here.